Hi, whats up

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Bob/Colin/The Entity/Bamberly/Queenie/Blam/Vessel/Astral
they/them, stey/stem/ster, void/voids/voidself
sapphic aromantic asexual

Social Media Stuffs

i’m from the US and i draw.
also i own a lot of stuffed animals i just wanted to say
my main language is English, but I can kind of do/read ASL (American Sign Language)
animal: coelacanth
color: purple
drink: lemon milkshake
candy: butterscotch
ice cream: cookies n creme

to keep in mind:
- my punctuation is minimal
- i swear a lot
- i can be kinda rude or belittling without realizing; let me know if i need to stop or use tone indicators
- please talk to me if i do something bad/out of line. like seriously let me know i won't bite

if you

fit the basic criteria, whatever get outfit these categories:
fetish and/or kink blog
nazi apologist/interact with nazis
discourse blog
think that all dogs/cats are evil, hate dogs/cats
make/support genderswaps
draw nsfw of minors' characters (NO EXCEPTIONS.)

you support/defend these people:
notch (markus persson)
scott cawthon

let me know if you have questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use your art as a pfp/banner?
• Yes! You can use my art for that on any platform. Please just give credit/link back to me.
Can I spam-like your stuff?
• Yes!
Can I interact with older art of yours?
• Yes!
Can I tag your art as kin?
• Yes, for fictional characters that already exist, go right ahead, tag as kin!
• If you are an alter/fictive that is said character or identify as them irl, you can tag/use stuff as well. Just, y'know, give credit etc.
• No, if it's an OC of mine, do not tag as kin.
What program do you use for your art?
• My main program is Procreate for the iPad. I pretty much do everything including animation on there.
• I like to mess around in MSPaint a lot though!

let me know if you have questions


Hi! I can always use more money, as most people do, so it would really help me out if you want to donate to me or purchase art from me.

Payment Methods:

let me know if you have questions

Icon/Emoji Commissions


none right now

$20 per flat colored, $30 per shaded. You can commission more than one character within the same commission slot, but it will cost more per character. Max of 3 characters per commission.Payment up front, please.
You can pay me through either of these methods:

These are icon, emoji, little dude in general comms. It'll be a relatively simple drawing like these.
I'll draw your oc, fave, etc. (more info below images)


You can message me on my tumblr (@vesselvindicate)
and I'll be able to get back to you within ~24 hours unless otherwise stated
If u know my discord, feel free to message me over there too 👍


- Nonhuman (furries, etc)
- Quadrupeds/feral
- Simple mech/robots
- Light gore
- Shipping


- Sexual content of any kind
- Detailed mech
- Pedophilia/abuse/whatever tf
- Discrimination of any kind

What can I do with the art I've received?
- Post it to your account (with credit)
- Use it for pfps, banners, etc
What can't I do?
- Claim it as your own art
- Use it for hate speech
- Remove any watermarks/signatures
- Use it to train AI models

Let me know if you have questions.